The General Tab

The General tab allows you to set the following options:

  • Automatically Reopen Previous Model When Started - check this if you want the model you previously worked on to be automatically reopened when you start MySQL Workbench.

  • Place Sidebar on the Right Side - by default the Sidebar is placed on the left-hand side of the MySQL Workbench application. Select this option to place it on the right-hand side.

  • Force use of software rendering for EER diagrams - MySQL Workbench will use OpenGL for rendering when available. However, due to faulty drivers, problems do occasionally occur. These issues can be resolved by selecting the software rendering option here.

  • Undo History Size - you can limit the size of the undo history here. Set this value to 0 to have an unlimited undo history.

  • Auto-save model interval - An open model that has not been saved will automatically be saved after this period. On loading a model file, MySQL Workbench will notify the user if the file was not previously saved correctly, due to a crash or power failure. MySQL Workbench can then attempt to recover the last auto-saved version. Note that for automatic recovery to be available for a new file, it will have to have been saved at least once by the user.

  • Interactive GRT Shell Language - you can select the language to be used in the GRT shell by chosing a language from the drop down listbox Interactive GRT Shell Language. Currently there is a choice between Lua and Python. Python is the recommended option.

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