(PECL amqp >= Unknown)

AMQPConnection::__constructCreate an instance of AMQPConnection


AMQPConnection::__construct ([ array $credentials = array() ] )

Creates an AMQPConnection instance representing a connection to an AMQP broker.



The credentials is an optional array of credential information for connecting to the AMQP broker. The keys used in the credentials array are: host, port, vhost, login and password. All other keys will be ignored.

For each missing credential, the extension will check the ini settings or use the default value.

Return Values

An AMQPConnection object.


Example #1 AMQPConnection::__construct() example


/* Create a connection using all default credentials: */
$connection1 = new AMQPConnection();

$connection2 = new AMQPConnection(array(
'host' => '',
'vhost' => '/',
'port' => 5763,
'login' => 'user',
'password' => 'password'


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