Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

Inotify constants usable with inotify_add_watch() and/or returned by inotify_read()
IN_ACCESS (integer)
File was accessed (read) (*)
IN_MODIFY (integer)
File was modified (*)
IN_ATTRIB (integer)
Metadata changed (e.g. permissions, mtime, etc.) (*)
IN_CLOSE_WRITE (integer)
File opened for writing was closed (*)
File not opened for writing was closed (*)
IN_OPEN (integer)
File was opened (*)
IN_MOVED_TO (integer)
File moved into watched directory (*)
IN_MOVED_FROM (integer)
File moved out of watched directory (*)
IN_CREATE (integer)
File or directory created in watched directory (*)
IN_DELETE (integer)
File or directory deleted in watched directory (*)
IN_DELETE_SELF (integer)
Watched file or directory was deleted
IN_MOVE_SELF (integer)
Watch file or directory was moved
IN_CLOSE (integer)
IN_MOVE (integer)
IN_ALL_EVENTS (integer)
Bitmask of all the above constants
IN_UNMOUNT (integer)
File system containing watched object was unmounted
IN_Q_OVERFLOW (integer)
Event queue overflowed (wd is -1 for this event)
IN_IGNORED (integer)
Watch was removed (explicitly by inotify_rm_watch() or because file was removed or filesystem unmounted
IN_ISDIR (integer)
Subject of this event is a directory
IN_ONLYDIR (integer)
Only watch pathname if it is a directory (Since Linux 2.6.15)
IN_DONT_FOLLOW (integer)
Do not dereference pathname if it is a symlink (Since Linux 2.6.15)
IN_MASK_ADD (integer)
Add events to watch mask for this pathname if it already exists (instead of replacing mask).
IN_ONESHOT (integer)
Monitor pathname for one event, then remove from watch list.

Note: The events marked with an asterisk (*) above can occur for files in watched directories.

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