Other changes

  • SplFileInfo::getpathinfo() now returns information about the path name.
  • SplObjectStorage now has ArrayAccess support. It is now also possible to store associative information with objects in SplObjectStorage.
  • In the GD extension, there is now pixelation support available through the imagefilter() function.
  • var_dump() output now includes private object properties.
  • session_start() now returns FALSE when session startup fails.
  • property_exists() now checks the existence of a property independent of accessibility (like method_exists()).
  • Stream wrappers can now be used by include_path.
  • The initial parameter for array_reduce() can now be of any type.
  • The directory functions opendir(), scandir(), and dir() now use the default stream context if no explicit context is passed.
  • crypt() now has Blowfish and extended DES support, and crypt() features are now 100% portable. PHP has its own internal crypt implementation which drops into place when support for crypt or crypt_r is not found.
  • getopt() now accepts "long options" on all platforms. Optional values and = as a separator for short options are now supported.
  • fopen() has a new mode option (n), which passes O_NONBLOCK to the underlying open() system call. Note that this mode is not currently supported on Windows.
  • getimagesize() now supports icon files (.ico).
  • The mhash extension have moved to PECL, but the Hash extension have been modified to support mhash if PHP is compiled with --with-mhash. Note that the Hash extension does not require the mhash library to be available whether or not the mhash emulation is enabled.

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