D.6.7.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 1.1b (03 November 1998)

  • Fixes to DatabaseMetaData to allow both IBM VA and J-Builder to work. Let me know how it goes. (thanks to Jac Kersing)

  • Fix to ResultSet.getBoolean() for NULL strings (thanks to Barry Lagerweij)

  • Beginning of code cleanup, and formatting. Getting ready to branch this off to a parallel JDBC-2.0 source tree.

  • Added "final" modifier to critical sections in MysqlIO and Buffer to allow compiler to inline methods for speed.


  • If object references passed to setXXX() in PreparedStatement are null, setNull() is automatically called for you. (Thanks for the suggestion goes to Erik Ostrom)

  • setObject() in PreparedStatement will now attempt to write a serialized representation of the object to the database for objects of Types.OTHER and objects of unknown type.

  • Util now has a static method readObject() which given a ResultSet and a column index will re-instantiate an object serialized in the above manner.

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