D.6.7.1. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 1.2a (14 April 1999)

  • Fixed character-set support for non-Javasoft JVMs (thanks to many people for pointing it out)

  • Fixed ResultSet.getBoolean() to recognize 'y' & 'n' as well as '1' & '0' as boolean flags. (thanks to Tim Pizey)

  • Fixed ResultSet.getTimestamp() to give better performance. (thanks to Richard Swift)

  • Fixed getByte() for numeric types. (thanks to Ray Bellis)

  • Fixed DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo() for DATE type. (thanks to Paul Johnston)

  • Fixed EscapeProcessor for "fn" calls. (thanks to Piyush Shah at locomotive.org)

  • Fixed EscapeProcessor to not do extraneous work if there are no escape codes. (thanks to Ryan Gustafson)

  • Fixed Driver to parse URLs of the form "jdbc:mysql://host:port" (thanks to Richard Lobb)

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