D.6.5.12. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 2.0.1 (06 April 2000)

Bugs fixed:

  • Columns that are of type TEXT now return as Strings when you use getObject().

  • Cleaned up exception handling when driver connects.

  • Fixed RSMD.isWritable() returning wrong value. Thanks to Moritz Maass.

  • DatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys() now works correctly with respect to key_seq. Thanks to Brian Slesinsky.

  • Fixed many JDBC-2.0 traversal, positioning bugs, especially with respect to empty result sets. Thanks to Ron Smits, Nick Brook, Cessar Garcia and Carlos Martinez.

  • No escape processing is done on PreparedStatements anymore per JDBC spec.

  • Fixed some issues with updatability support in ResultSet when using multiple primary keys.

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