D.6.4.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.15 (04 September 2004)

Bugs fixed:

  • ResultSet.getMetaData() should not return incorrectly initialized metadata if the result set has been closed, but should instead throw an SQLException. Also fixed for getRow() and getWarnings() and traversal methods by calling checkClosed() before operating on instance-level fields that are nullified during .close(). (Bug#5069)

  • Use _binary introducer for PreparedStatement.setBytes() and set*Stream() when connected to MySQL-4.1.x or newer to avoid misinterpretation during character conversion. (Bug#5069)

  • Parse new time zone variables from 4.1.x servers. (Bug#5069)

  • ResultSet should release Field[] instance in .close(). (Bug#5022)

  • RSMD.getPrecision() returning 0 for nonnumeric types (should return max length in chars for nonbinary types, max length in bytes for binary types). This fix also fixes mapping of RSMD.getColumnType() and RSMD.getColumnTypeName() for the BLOB types based on the length sent from the server (the server doesn't distinguish between TINYBLOB, BLOB, MEDIUMBLOB or LONGBLOB at the network protocol level). (Bug#4880)

  • Production” is now “GA” (General Availability) in naming scheme of distributions. (Bug#4860, Bug#4138)

  • DBMD.getColumns() returns incorrect JDBC type for unsigned columns. This affects type mappings for all numeric types in the RSMD.getColumnType() and RSMD.getColumnTypeNames() methods as well, to ensure that “like” types from DBMD.getColumns() match up with what RSMD.getColumnType() and getColumnTypeNames() return. (Bug#4860, Bug#4138)

  • Calling .close() twice on a PooledConnection causes NPE. (Bug#4808)

  • DOUBLE mapped twice in DBMD.getTypeInfo(). (Bug#4742)

  • Added FLOSS license exemption. (Bug#4742)

  • Removed redundant calls to checkRowPos() in ResultSet. (Bug#4334)

  • Failover for autoReconnect not using port numbers for any hosts, and not retrying all hosts.


    This required a change to the SocketFactory connect() method signature, which is now public Socket connect(String host, int portNumber, Properties props); therefore, any third-party socket factories will have to be changed to support this signature.


  • Logical connections created by MysqlConnectionPoolDataSource will now issue a rollback() when they are closed and sent back to the pool. If your application server/connection pool already does this for you, you can set the rollbackOnPooledClose property to false to avoid the overhead of an extra rollback(). (Bug#4334)

  • StringUtils.escapeEasternUnicodeByteStream was still broken for GBK. (Bug#4010)

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