D.6.4.2. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.16 (15 November 2004)

Bugs fixed:

  • Made TINYINT(1) -> BIT/Boolean conversion configurable using tinyInt1isBit property (default true to be JDBC compliant out of the box). (Bug#5664)

  • Off-by-one bug in Buffer.readString(string). (Bug#5664)

  • ResultSet.updateByte() when on insert row throws ArrayOutOfBoundsException. (Bug#5664)

  • Fixed regression where useUnbufferedInput was defaulting to false. (Bug#5664)

  • ResultSet.getTimestamp() on a column with TIME in it fails. (Bug#5664)

  • Fixed DatabaseMetaData.getTypes() returning incorrect (this is, nonnegative) scale for the NUMERIC type. (Bug#5664)

  • Only set character_set_results during connection establishment if server version >= 4.1.1. (Bug#5664)

  • Fixed ResultSetMetaData.isReadOnly() to detect nonwritable columns when connected to MySQL-4.1 or newer, based on existence of “original” table and column names.

  • Re-issue character set configuration commands when re-using pooled connections or Connection.changeUser() when connected to MySQL-4.1 or newer.

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