D.6.4.1. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.17 (23 June 2005)

Bugs fixed:

  • Workaround for server Bug#9098: Default values of CURRENT_* for DATE, TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP columns can't be distinguished from string values, so UpdatableResultSet.moveToInsertRow() generates bad SQL for inserting default values. (Bug#8812)

  • NON_UNIQUE column from DBMD.getIndexInfo() returned inverted value. (Bug#8812)

  • EUCKR charset is sent as SET NAMES euc_kr which MySQL-4.1 and newer doesn't understand. (Bug#8629)

  • Added support for the EUC_JP_Solaris character encoding, which maps to a MySQL encoding of eucjpms (backported from 3.1 branch). This only works on servers that support eucjpms, namely 5.0.3 or later. (Bug#8629)

  • Use hex escapes for PreparedStatement.setBytes() for double-byte charsets including “aliasesWindows-31J, CP934, MS932. (Bug#8629)

  • DatabaseMetaData.supportsSelectForUpdate() returns correct value based on server version. (Bug#8629)

  • Which requires hex escaping of binary data when using multi-byte charsets with prepared statements. (Bug#8064)

  • Fixed duplicated code in configureClientCharset() that prevented useOldUTF8Behavior=true from working properly. (Bug#7952)

  • Backported SQLState codes mapping from Connector/J 3.1, enable with useSqlStateCodes=true as a connection property, it defaults to false in this release, so that we don't break legacy applications (it defaults to true starting with Connector/J 3.1). (Bug#7686)

  • Timestamp key column data needed _binary stripped for UpdatableResultSet.refreshRow(). (Bug#7686)

  • MS932, SHIFT_JIS, and Windows_31J not recognized as aliases for sjis. (Bug#7607)

  • Handle streaming result sets with more than 2 billion rows properly by fixing wraparound of row number counter. (Bug#7601)

  • PreparedStatement.fixDecimalExponent() adding extra +, making number unparseable by MySQL server. (Bug#7601)

  • Escape sequence {fn convert(..., type)} now supports ODBC-style types that are prepended by SQL_. (Bug#7601)

  • Statements created from a pooled connection were returning physical connection instead of logical connection when getConnection() was called. (Bug#7316)

  • Support new protocol type MYSQL_TYPE_VARCHAR. (Bug#7081)

  • Added useOldUTF8Behavior' configuration property, which causes JDBC driver to act like it did with MySQL-4.0.x and earlier when the character encoding is utf-8 when connected to MySQL-4.1 or newer. (Bug#7081)

  • DatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() ignored unique parameter. (Bug#7081)

  • PreparedStatement.fixDecimalExponent() adding extra +, making number unparseable by MySQL server. (Bug#7061)

  • PreparedStatements don't encode Big5 (and other multi-byte) character sets correctly in static SQL strings. (Bug#7033)

  • Connections starting up failed-over (due to down master) never retry master. (Bug#6966)

  • Adding CP943 to aliases for sjis. (Bug#6549, Bug#7607)

  • Timestamp/Time conversion goes in the wrong “direction” when useTimeZone=true and server time zone differs from client time zone. (Bug#5874)

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