D.6.4.11. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.7 (08 April 2003)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed charset issues with database metadata (charset was not getting set correctly).

  • You can now toggle profiling on/off using Connection.setProfileSql(boolean).

  • 4.1 Column Metadata fixes.

  • Fixed MysqlPooledConnection.close() calling wrong event type.

  • Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in PreparedStatement.setClob().

  • IOExceptions during a transaction now cause the Connection to be closed.

  • Remove synchronization from Driver.connect() and Driver.acceptsUrl().

  • Fixed missing conversion for YEAR type in ResultSetMetaData.getColumnTypeName().

  • Updatable ResultSets can now be created for aliased tables/columns when connected to MySQL-4.1 or newer.

  • Fixed LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE bug when file > max_allowed_packet.

  • Don't pick up indexes that start with pri as primary keys for DBMD.getPrimaryKeys().

  • Ensure that packet size from alignPacketSize() does not exceed max_allowed_packet (JVM bug)

  • Don't reset Connection.isReadOnly() when autoReconnecting.

  • Fixed escaping of 0x5c ('\') character for GBK and Big5 charsets.

  • Fixed ResultSet.getTimestamp() when underlying field is of type DATE.

  • Throw SQLExceptions when trying to do operations on a forcefully closed Connection (that is, when a communication link failure occurs).

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