D.6.4.10. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.8 (23 May 2003)

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed SJIS encoding bug, thanks to Naoto Sato. (Bug#378)

  • Fix problem detecting server character set in some cases. (Bug#378)

  • Allow multiple calls to Statement.close(). (Bug#378)

  • Return correct number of generated keys when using REPLACE statements. (Bug#378)

  • Unicode character 0xFFFF in a string would cause the driver to throw an ArrayOutOfBoundsException. . (Bug#378)

  • Fix row data decoding error when using very large packets. (Bug#378)

  • Optimized row data decoding. (Bug#378)

  • Issue exception when operating on an already closed prepared statement. (Bug#378)

  • Optimized usage of EscapeProcessor. (Bug#378)

  • Use JVM charset with file names and LOAD DATA [LOCAL] INFILE.

  • Fix infinite loop with Connection.cleanup().

  • Changed Ant target compile-core to compile-driver, and made testsuite compilation a separate target.

  • Fixed result set not getting set for Statement.executeUpdate(), which affected getGeneratedKeys() and getUpdateCount() in some cases.

  • Return list of generated keys when using multi-value INSERTS with Statement.getGeneratedKeys().

  • Allow bogus URLs in Driver.getPropertyInfo().

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