D.6.4.9. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.0.9 (07 October 2003)

Bugs fixed:

  • ResultSet.get/setString mashing char 127. (Bug#1247)

  • Added property to “clobber” streaming results, by setting the clobberStreamingResults property to true (the default is false). This will cause a “streamingResultSet to be automatically closed, and any oustanding data still streaming from the server to be discarded if another query is executed before all the data has been read from the server. (Bug#1247)

  • Added com.mysql.jdbc.util.BaseBugReport to help creation of testcases for bug reports. (Bug#1247)

  • Backported authentication changes for 4.1.1 and newer from 3.1 branch. (Bug#1247)

  • Made databaseName, portNumber, and serverName optional parameters for MysqlDataSourceFactory. (Bug#1246)

  • Optimized CLOB.setChracterStream(). (Bug#1131)

  • Fixed CLOB.truncate(). (Bug#1130)

  • Fixed deadlock issue with Statement.setMaxRows(). (Bug#1099)

  • DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() getting confused about the keyword “set” in character columns. (Bug#1099)

  • Clip +/- INF (to smallest and largest representative values for the type in MySQL) and NaN (to 0) for setDouble/setFloat(), and issue a warning on the statement when the server does not support +/- INF or NaN. (Bug#884)

  • Don't fire connection closed events when closing pooled connections, or on PooledConnection.getConnection() with already open connections. (Bug#884)

  • Double-escaping of '\' when charset is SJIS or GBK and '\' appears in nonescaped input. (Bug#879)

  • When emptying input stream of unused rows for “streaming” result sets, have the current thread yield() every 100 rows to not monopolize CPU time. (Bug#879)

  • Issue exception on ResultSet.getXXX() on empty result set (wasn't caught in some cases). (Bug#848)

  • Don't hide messages from exceptions thrown in I/O layers. (Bug#848)

  • Fixed regression in large split-packet handling. (Bug#848)

  • Better diagnostic error messages in exceptions for “streaming” result sets. (Bug#848)

  • Don't change timestamp TZ twice if useTimezone==true. (Bug#774)

  • Don't wrap SQLExceptions in RowDataDynamic. (Bug#688)

  • Don't try and reset isolation level on reconnect if MySQL doesn't support them. (Bug#688)

  • The insertRow in an UpdatableResultSet is now loaded with the default column values when moveToInsertRow() is called. (Bug#688)

  • DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() wasn't returning NULL for default values that are specified as NULL. (Bug#688)

  • Change default statement type/concurrency to TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY and CONCUR_READ_ONLY (spec compliance). (Bug#688)

  • Fix UpdatableResultSet to return values for getXXX() when on insert row. (Bug#675)

  • Support InnoDB contraint names when extracting foreign key information in DatabaseMetaData (implementing ideas from Parwinder Sekhon). (Bug#664, Bug#517)

  • Backported 4.1 protocol changes from 3.1 branch (server-side SQL states, new field information, larger client capability flags, connect-with-database, and so forth). (Bug#664, Bug#517)

  • refreshRow didn't work when primary key values contained values that needed to be escaped (they ended up being doubly escaped). (Bug#661)

  • Fixed ResultSet.previous() behavior to move current position to before result set when on first row of result set. (Bug#496)

  • Fixed Statement and PreparedStatement issuing bogus queries when setMaxRows() had been used and a LIMIT clause was present in the query. (Bug#496)

  • Faster date handling code in ResultSet and PreparedStatement (no longer uses Date methods that synchronize on static calendars).

  • Fixed test for end of buffer in Buffer.readString().

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