D.6.3.14. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.1.2 (09 June 2004)

Bugs fixed:

  • Don't enable server-side prepared statements for server version 5.0.0 or 5.0.1, as they aren't compatible with the '4.1.2+' style that the driver uses (the driver expects information to come back that isn't there, so it hangs). (Bug#3804)

  • getWarnings() returns SQLWarning instead of DataTruncation. (Bug#3804)

  • getProcedureColumns() doesn't work with wildcards for procedure name. (Bug#3540)

  • getProcedures() does not return any procedures in result set. (Bug#3539)

  • Fixed DatabaseMetaData.getProcedures() when run on MySQL-5.0.0 (output of SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS changed between 5.0.0 and 5.0.1. (Bug#3520)

  • Added connectionCollation property to cause driver to issue set collation_connection=... query on connection init if default collation for given charset is not appropriate. (Bug#3520)

  • DBMD.getSQLStateType() returns incorrect value. (Bug#3520)

  • Correctly map output parameters to position given in prepareCall() versus. order implied during registerOutParameter(). (Bug#3146)

  • Cleaned up detection of server properties. (Bug#3146)

  • Correctly detect initial character set for servers >= 4.1.0. (Bug#3146)

  • Support placeholder for parameter metadata for server >= 4.1.2. (Bug#3146)

  • Added gatherPerformanceMetrics property, along with properties to control when/where this info gets logged (see docs for more info).

  • Fixed case when no parameters could cause a NullPointerException in CallableStatement.setOutputParameters().

  • Enabled callable statement caching using cacheCallableStmts property.

  • Fixed sending of split packets for large queries, enabled nio ability to send large packets as well.

  • Added .toString() functionality to ServerPreparedStatement, which should help if you're trying to debug a query that is a prepared statement (it shows SQL as the server would process).

  • Added logSlowQueries property, along with slowQueriesThresholdMillis property to control when a query should be considered “slow.

  • Removed wrapping of exceptions in MysqlIO.changeUser().

  • Fixed stored procedure parameter parsing info when size was specified for a parameter (for example, char(), varchar()).

  • ServerPreparedStatements weren't actually de-allocating server-side resources when .close() was called.

  • Fixed case when no output parameters specified for a stored procedure caused a bogus query to be issued to retrieve out parameters, leading to a syntax error from the server.

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