D.6.3.13. Changes in MySQL Connector/J 3.1.3 (07 July 2004)

Bugs fixed:

  • Support new time zone variables in MySQL-4.1.3 when useTimezone=true. (Bug#4311)

  • Error in retrieval of mediumint column with prepared statements and binary protocol. (Bug#4311)

  • Support for unsigned numerics as return types from prepared statements. This also causes a change in ResultSet.getObject() for the bigint unsigned type, which used to return BigDecimal instances, it now returns instances of java.lang.BigInteger. (Bug#4311)

  • Externalized more messages (on-going effort). (Bug#4119)

  • Null bitmask sent for server-side prepared statements was incorrect. (Bug#4119)

  • Added constants for MySQL error numbers (publicly accessible, see com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlErrorNumbers), and the ability to generate the mappings of vendor error codes to SQLStates that the driver uses (for documentation purposes). (Bug#4119)

  • Added packet debuging code (see the enablePacketDebug property documentation). (Bug#4119)

  • Use SQL Standard SQL states by default, unless useSqlStateCodes property is set to false. (Bug#4119)

  • Mangle output parameter names for CallableStatements so they will not clash with user variable names.

  • Added support for INOUT parameters in CallableStatements.

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