Installing Connector/NET from the source code


You should read this section only if you are interested in helping us test our new code. If you just want to get Connector/NET up and running on your system, you should use a standard release distribution.

Obtaining the source code

To obtain the most recent development source tree, you first need to download and install Bazaar. You can obtain Bazaar from the Bazaar VCS Website. Bazaar is supported by any platform that supports Python, and is therefore compatible with any Linux, Unix, Windows or Mac OS X host. Instructions for downloading and installing Bazaar on the different platforms are available on the Bazaar Web site.

The most recent development source tree is available from our public Subversion trees at http://dev.mysql.com/tech-resources/sources.html.

To check out out the Connector/NET sources, change to the directory where you want the copy of the Connector/NET tree to be stored, then use the following command:

shell> bzr branch lp:connectornet/trunk

To download a specific version of Connector/NET, specify the version number instead of trunk. For example, to obtain a copy of the 6.0 version of the source tree:

shell> bzr branch lp:connectornet/6.0

Source packages are also available on the downloads page.

Building the source code on Windows

The following procedure can be used to build the connector on Microsoft Windows.

  • Obtain the source code, either from the Subversion server, or through one of the prepared source code packages.

  • Navigate to the root of the source code tree.

  • A Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 solution file is available to build the connector, this is called MySQL-VS2005.sln. Click this file to load the solution into Visual Studio.

  • Select Build, Build Solution from the main menu to build the solution.

Building the source code on Unix

Support for building Connector/NET on Mono/Unix is currently not available.

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