Installing Connector/NET on Unix with Mono

There is no installer available for installing the Connector/NET component on your Unix installation. Before installing, please ensure that you have a working Mono project installation. You can test whether your system has Mono installed by typing:

shell> mono --version

The version of the Mono JIT compiler will be displayed.

To compile C# source code you will also need to make sure a Mono C# compiler, is installed. Note that there are two Mono C# compilers available, mcs, which accesses the 1.0-profile libraries, and gmcs, which acesses the 2.0-profile libraries.

To install Connector/NET on Unix/Mono:

  1. Download the mysql-connector-net-version-noinstall.zip and extract the contents to a directory of your choice, for example: ~/connector-net/.

  2. In the directory where you unzipped the connector to, change into the bin directory. Ensure the file MySql.Data.dll is present.

  3. You must register the Connector/NET component, MySql.Data, in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). In the current directory enter the gacutil command:

    root-shell> gacutil /i MySql.Data.dll

    This will register MySql.Data into the GAC. You can check this by listing the contents of /usr/lib/mono/gac, where you will find MySql.Data if the registration has been successful.

You are now ready to compile your application. You must ensure that when you compile your application you include the Connector/NET component using the -r: command-line option. For example:

shell> gmcs -r:System.dll -r:System.Data.dll -r:MySql.Data.dll HelloWorld.cs

Note, the assemblies that need to be referenced will depend on the requirements of the application, but applications using Connector/NET will need to provide -r:MySql.Data as a minimum.

You can further check your installation by running the compiled program, for example:

shell> mono HelloWorld.exe
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