D.4.10.8. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 1.0.4 (20 January 2005)

Bugs fixed:

  • MySqlReader.GetInt32 throws exception if column is unsigned. (Bug#7755)

  • Quote character \222 not quoted in EscapeString. (Bug#7724)

  • GetBytes is working no more. (Bug#7704)

  • MySqlDataReader.GetString(index) returns non-Null value when field is Null. (Bug#7612)

  • Clone method bug in MySqlCommand. (Bug#7478)

  • Problem with Multiple resultsets. (Bug#7436)

  • MySqlAdapter.Fill method throws error message Non-negative number required. (Bug#7345)

  • MySqlCommand.Connection returns an IDbConnection. (Bug#7258)

  • Calling prepare causing exception. (Bug#7243)

  • Fixed problem with shared memory connections.

  • Added or filled out several more topics in the API reference documentation.

  • Fixed another small problem with prepared statements.

  • Fixed problem that causes named pipes to not work with some blob functionality.

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