D.4.8.7. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.2 (18 June 2007)

This is a new Beta development release, fixing recently discovered bugs.

Bugs fixed:

  • Log messages would be truncated to 300 bytes. (Bug#28706)

  • Creating a user would fail due to the application name being set incorrectly. (Bug#28648)

  • Visual Studio Plugin: Adding a new query based on a stored procedure that used a UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statement would terminate the query/TableAdapter wizard. (Bug#28536)

  • Visual Studio Plugin: Query Builder would fail to show TINYTEXT columns, and any columns listed after a TINYTEXT column correctly. (Bug#28437)

  • Accessing the results from a large query when using data compression in the connection would fail to return all the data. (Bug#28204)

  • Visual Studio Plugin: Update commands would not be generated correctly when using the TableAdapter wizard. (Bug#26347)

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