MySQL SQL Editor

MySQL Connector/NET 6.3.2 introduced a new MySQL SQL Editor. The easiest way to invoke the editor is by selecting the New, File menu item from the Visual Studio main menu. This displays the New File dialog:

Figure 22.26. MySQL SQL Editor - New File

MySQL SQL Editor - New File

From the New File dialog select the MySQL template, and then double-click the MySQL SQL Script document, or click the Open button.

The MySQL SQL Editor will be displayed. You can now enter SQL code as required, or connect to a MySQL server. Click the Connect to MySQL button in the MySQL SQL Editor toolbar. You can enter the connection details into the Connect to MySQL dialog that is displayed. You can enter the server name, user id, password and database to connect to, or click the Advanced button to select other connection string options. Click the Connect button to connect to the MySQL server. It is now possible to execute your SQL code against the server by clicking the Run SQL button on the toolbar.

Figure 22.27. MySQL SQL Editor - Query

MySQL SQL Editor - Query

The results from any queries are displayed on the Results tab. Any errors are displayed on the Messages tab.

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