Installing Connector/ODBC from a Source Distribution on Unix

You need the following tools to build MySQL from source on Unix:

  • A working ANSI C++ compiler. gcc 2.95.2 or later, SGI C++, and SunPro C++ are some of the compilers that are known to work.

  • A good make program. GNU make is always recommended and is sometimes required.

  • MySQL client libraries and include files from MySQL 4.0.0 or higher. (Preferably MySQL 4.0.16 or higher). This is required because Connector/ODBC uses new calls and structures that exist only starting from this version of the library. To get the client libraries and include files, visit http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/.

    If you have built your own MySQL server or client libraries from source using the GNU autotools, you must use the --enable-thread-safe-client option to configure when the libraries were built. No special option is needed if you configure with CMake.

    You should also ensure that the libmysqlclient library were built and installed as a shared library.

  • A compatible ODBC manager must be installed. Connector/ODBC is known to work with the iODBC and unixODBC managers. See Section, “ODBC Driver Managers”, for more information.

  • If you are using a character set that isn't compiled into the MySQL client library then you need to install the MySQL character definitions from the charsets directory into SHAREDIR (by default, /usr/local/mysql/share/mysql/charsets). These should be in place if you have installed the MySQL server on the same machine. See Section 9.1, “Character Set Support”, for more information on character set support.

Once you have all the required files, unpack the source files to a separate directory, you then have to run configure and build the library using make. Typical configure Options

The configure script gives you a great deal of control over how you configure your Connector/ODBC build. Typically you do this using options on the configure command line. You can also affect configure using certain environment variables. For a list of options and environment variables supported by configure, run this command:

shell> ./configure --help

Some of the more commonly used configure options are described here:

  1. To compile Connector/ODBC, you need to supply the MySQL client include and library files path using the --with-mysql-path=DIR option, where DIR is the directory where MySQL is installed.

    MySQL compile options can be determined by running DIR/bin/mysql_config.

  2. Supply the standard header and library files path for your ODBC Driver Manager (iODBC or unixODBC).

    • If you are using iODBC and iODBC is not installed in its default location (/usr/local), you might have to use the --with-iodbc=DIR option, where DIR is the directory where iODBC is installed.

      If the iODBC headers do not reside in DIR/include, you can use the --with-iodbc-includes=INCDIR option to specify their location.

      The applies to libraries. If they are not in DIR/lib, you can use the --with-iodbc-libs=LIBDIR option.

    • If you are using unixODBC, use the --with-unixODBC=DIR option (case sensitive) to make configure look for unixODBC instead of iODBC by default, DIR is the directory where unixODBC is installed.

      If the unixODBC headers and libraries aren't located in DIR/include and DIR/lib, use the --with-unixODBC-includes=INCDIR and --with-unixODBC-libs=LIBDIR options.

  3. You might want to specify an installation prefix other than /usr/local. For example, to install the Connector/ODBC drivers in /usr/local/odbc/lib, use the --prefix=/usr/local/odbc option.

The final configuration command looks something like this:

shell> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
         --with-iodbc=/usr/local \
         --with-mysql-path=/usr/local/mysql Additional configure Options

There are a number of other options that you need, or want, to set when configuring the Connector/ODBC driver before it is built.

  • To link the driver with MySQL thread safe client libraries libmysqlclient_r.so or libmysqlclient_r.a, you must specify the following configure option:


    and can be disabled (default) using


    This option enables the building of the driver thread-safe library libmyodbc3_r.so from by linking with MySQL thread-safe client library libmysqlclient_r.so (The extensions are OS dependent).

    If the compilation with the thread-safe option fails, it may be because the correct thread-libraries on the system could not be located. You should set the value of LIBS to point to the correct thread library for your system.

    LIBS="-lpthread" ./configure ..
  • You can enable or disable the shared and static versions of Connector/ODBC using these options:

  • By default, all the binary distributions are built as nondebugging versions (configured with --without-debug).

    To enable debugging information, build the driver from a source distribution with the proper configuration option to enable debugging support. See Section 2.11.4, “MySQL Source-Configuration Options”.

  • This option is available only for source trees that have been obtained from the Subversion repository. This option does not apply to the packaged source distributions.

    By default, the driver is built with the --without-docs option. If you would like the documentation to be built, then execute configure with:

    --with-docs Building and Compilation

To build the driver libraries, you have to just execute make.

shell> make

If any errors occur, correct them and continue the build process. If you aren't able to build, then send a detailed email to for further assistance. Building Shared Libraries

On most platforms, MySQL does not build or support .so (shared) client libraries by default. This is based on our experience of problems when building shared libraries.

In cases like this, you have to download the MySQL distribution and configure it with these options:

--without-server --enable-shared

To build shared driver libraries, you must specify the --enable-shared option for configure. By default, configure does not enable this option.

If you have configured with the --disable-shared option, you can build the .so file from the static libraries using the following commands:

shell> cd mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.01
shell> make
shell> cd driver
shell> CC=/usr/bin/gcc \
          $CC -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined error \
          -o .libs/libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so \
          catalog.o connect.o cursor.o dll.o error.o execute.o \
          handle.o info.o misc.o myodbc3.o options.o prepare.o \
          results.o transact.o utility.o \
          -L/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql/ \
          -L/usr/local/iodbc/lib/ \
          -lz -lc -lmysqlclient -liodbcinst

Make sure to change -liodbcinst to -lodbcinst if you are using unixODBC instead of iODBC, and configure the library paths accordingly.

This builds and places the libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so file in the .libs directory. Copy this file to the Connector/ODBC library installation directory (/usr/local/lib (or the lib directory under the installation directory that you supplied with the --prefix).

shell> cd .libs
shell> cp libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so /usr/local/lib
shell> cd /usr/local/lib
shell> ln -s libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so libmyodbc3.so

To build the thread-safe driver library:

shell> CC=/usr/bin/gcc \
          $CC -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined error
          -o .libs/libmyodbc3_r-3.51.01.so
          catalog.o connect.o cursor.o dll.o error.o execute.o
          handle.o info.o misc.o myodbc3.o options.o prepare.o
          results.o transact.o utility.o
          -lz -lc -lmysqlclient_r -liodbcinst Installing Driver Libraries

To install the driver libraries, execute the following command:

shell> make install

That command installs one of the following sets of libraries:

For Connector/ODBC 3.51:

  • libmyodbc3.so

  • libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so, where 3.51.01 is the version of the driver

  • libmyodbc3.a

For thread-safe Connector/ODBC 3.51:

  • libmyodbc3_r.so

  • libmyodbc3-3_r.51.01.so

  • libmyodbc3_r.a

For more information on build process, refer to the INSTALL file that comes with the source distribution. Note that if you are trying to use the make from Sun, you may end up with errors. On the other hand, GNU gmake should work fine on all platforms. Testing Connector/ODBC on Unix

To run the basic samples provided in the distribution with the libraries that you built, use the following command:

shell> make test

Before running the tests, create the DSN 'myodbc3' in odbc.ini and set the environment variable ODBCINI to the correct odbc.ini file; and MySQL server is running. You can find a sample odbc.ini with the driver distribution.

You can even modify the samples/run-samples script to pass the desired DSN, UID, and PASSWORD values as the command-line arguments to each sample. Building Connector/ODBC from Source on Mac OS X

To build the driver on Mac OS X (Darwin), make use of the following configure example:

shell> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

The command assumes that the unixODBC and MySQL are installed in the default locations. If not, configure accordingly.

On Mac OS X, --enable-shared builds .dylib files by default. You can build .so files like this:

shell> make
shell> cd driver
shell> CC=/usr/bin/gcc \
          $CC -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined error
          -o .libs/libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so *.o
          -liodbcinst -lmysqlclient -lz -lc

To build the thread-safe driver library:

shell> CC=/usr/bin/gcc \
          $CC -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined error
          -o .libs/libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so *.o
          -liodbcinst -lmysqlclienti_r -lz -lc -lpthread

Make sure to change the -liodbcinst to -lodbcinst in case of using unixODBC instead of iODBC and configure the libraries path accordingly.

In Apple's version of GCC, both cc and gcc are actually symbolic links to gcc3.

Copy this library to the $prefix/lib directory and symlink to libmyodbc3.so.

You can cross-check the output shared-library properties using this command:

shell> otool -LD .libs/libmyodbc3-3.51.01.so Building Connector/ODBC from Source on HP-UX

To build the driver on HP-UX 10.x or 11.x, make use of the following configure example:

If using cc:

shell> CC="cc" \
          CFLAGS="+z" \
          LDFLAGS="-Wl,+b:-Wl,+s" \
          ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

If using gcc:

shell> CC="gcc" \
          LDFLAGS="-Wl,+b:-Wl,+s" \
          ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

Once the driver is built, cross-check its attributes using chatr .libs/libmyodbc3.sl to determine whether you need to have set the MySQL client library path using the SHLIB_PATH environment variable. For static versions, ignore all shared-library options and run configure with the --disable-shared option. Building Connector/ODBC from Source on AIX

To build the driver on AIX, make use of the following configure example:

shell> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

For more information about how to build and set up the static and shared libraries across the different platforms refer to ' Using static and shared libraries across platforms'.

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