D.3.30. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.20 (10 September 2007)

Bugs fixed:

  • Using FLAG_NO_PROMPT doesn't suppress the dialogs normally handled by SQLDriverConnect. (Bug#30840)

  • The specified length of the user name and authentication parameters to SQLConnect() were not being honored. (Bug#30774)

  • The wrong column size was returned for binary data. (Bug#30547)

  • SQLGetData() will now always return SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND on second call when no data left, even if requested size is 0. (Bug#30520)

  • SQLGetConnectAttr() did not reflect the connection state correctly. (Bug#14639)

  • Removed checkbox in setup dialog for FLAG_FIELD_LENGTH (identified as Don't Optimize Column Width within the GUI dialog), which was removed from the driver in 3.51.18.

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