D.3.29. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.21 (08 October 2007)

Bugs fixed:

  • When using a rowset/cursor and add a new row with a number of fields, subsequent rows with fewer fields will include the original fields from the previous row in the final INSERT statement. (Bug#31246)

  • Uninitiated memory could be used when C/ODBC internally calls SQLGetFunctions(). (Bug#31055)

  • The wrong SQL_DESC_LITERAL_PREFIX would be returned for date/time types. (Bug#31009)

  • The wrong COLUMN_SIZE would be returned by SQLGetTypeInfo for the TIME columns (SQL_TYPE_TIME). (Bug#30939)

  • Clicking outside the character set selection box when configuring a new DSN could cause the wrong character set to be selected. (Bug#30568)

  • Not specifying a user in the DSN dialog would raise a warning even though the parameter is optional. (Bug#30499)

  • SQLSetParam() caused memory allocation errors due to driver manager's mapping of deprecated functions (buffer length -1). (Bug#29871)

  • When using ADO, a column marked as AUTO_INCREMENT could incorrectly report that the column permitted NULL values. This was dur to an issue with NULLABLE and IS_NULLABLE return values from the call to SQLColumns(). (Bug#26108)

  • MySQL Connector/ODBC would return the wrong the error code when the server disconnects the active connection because the configured wait_timeout has expired. Previously it would return HY000. MySQL Connector/ODBC now correctly returns an SQLSTATE of 08S01. (Bug#3456)

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