D.3.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.4 (15 April 2008)

Bugs fixed:

  • Wrong result obtained when using sum() on a decimal(8,2) field type. (Bug#35920)

  • The driver installer could not create a new DSN if many other drivers were already installed. (Bug#35776)

  • The SQLColAttribute() function returned SQL_TRUE when querying the SQL_DESC_FIXED_PREC_SCALE (SQL_COLUMN_MONEY) attribute of a DECIMAL column. Previously, the correct value of SQL_FALSE was returned; this is now again the case. (Bug#35581)

  • On Linux, SQLGetDiagRec() returned SQL_SUCCESS in cases when it should have returned SQL_NO_DATA. (Bug#33910)

  • The driver crashes ODBC Administrator on attempting to add a new DSN. (Bug#32057)

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