D.3.5. Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.5 (18 August 2008)

Bugs fixed:

  • ODBC TIMESTAMP string format is not handled properly by the MyODBC driver. When passing a TIMESTAMP or DATE to MyODBC, in the ODBC format: {d <date>} or {ts <timestamp>}, the string that represents this is copied once into the SQL statement, and then added again, as an escaped string. (Bug#37342)

  • The connector failed to prompt for additional information required to create a DSN-less connection from an application such as Microsoft Excel. (Bug#37254)

  • SQLDriverConnect does not return SQL_NO_DATA on cancel. The ODBC documentation specifies that this method should return SQL_NO_DATA when the user cancels the dialog to connect. The connector, however, returns SQL_ERROR. (Bug#36293)

  • Assigning a string longer than 67 characters to the TableType parameter resulted in a buffer overrun when the SQLTables() function was called. (Bug#36275)

  • The ODBC connector randomly uses logon information stored in odbc-profile, or prompts the user for connection information and ignores any settings stored in odbc-profile. (Bug#36203)

  • After having successfully established a connection, a crash occurs when calling SQLProcedures() followed by SQLFreeStmt(), using the ODBC C API. (Bug#36069)

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