22.7. MySQL Connector/OpenOffice.org

MySQL Connector/OpenOffice.org is a native MySQL database connector for OpenOffice.org. Currently, it is in preview status and supports OpenOffice.org 3.1 and above. It can be used to connect OpenOffice.org applications to a MySQL server.

Before MySQL Connector/OpenOffice.org became available you would have to use MySQL Connector/J (JDBC) or MySQL Connector/ODBC to connect to a MySQL server.

Connector/OpenOffice.org is a community project. The source code for Connector/OpenOffice.org is available under GPL with the FLOSS License Exception.


Using MySQL Connector/OpenOffice.org has the following advantages:

  • Easy installation through the OpenOffice.org Extension Manager.

  • Seamless integration into OpenOffice.org.

  • No need to go through an additional Connector installation routine (ODBC/JDBC)

  • No need to configure or register an additional Connector (ODBC)

  • No need to install or configure a driver manager (ODBC)


MySQL Connector/OpenOffice.org is currently at version 1.0 GA.

If you have any queries please contact us through our mailing list at

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