Query Execution Probes

The query execution probe is triggered when the actual execution of the query starts, after the parsing and checking the query cache but before any privilege checks or optimization. By comparing the difference between the start and done probes you can monitor the time actually spent servicing the query (instead of just handling the parsing and other elements of the query).

query-exec-start(query, connectionid, database, user, host, exec_type)

The information provided in the arguments for query-start and query-exec-start are almost identical and designed so that you can choose to monitor either the entire query process (using query-start) or only the execution (using query-exec-start) while exposing the core information about the user, client, and query being executed.

  • query-exec-start: Triggered when the execution of a individual query is started. The arguments are:

    • query: The full text of the submitted query.

    • connectionid: The connection ID of the client that submitted the query. The connection ID equals the connection ID returned when the client first connects and the Id value in the output from SHOW PROCESSLIST.

    • database: The database name on which the query is being executed.

    • user: The username used to connect to the server.

    • host: The hostname of the client.

    • exec_type: The type of execution. Execution types are determined based on the contents of the query and where it was submitted. The values for each type are shown in the following table.

      0Executed query from sql_parse, top-level query.
      1Executed prepared statement
      2Executed cursor statement
      3Executed query in stored procedure
  • query-exec-done: Triggered when the execution of the query has completed. The probe includes a single argument, status, which returns 0 when the query is successfully executed and 1 if there was an error.

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