12.1.24. DROP TRIGGER Syntax

DROP TRIGGER [IF EXISTS] [schema_name.]trigger_name

This statement drops a trigger. The schema (database) name is optional. If the schema is omitted, the trigger is dropped from the default schema. DROP TRIGGER was added in MySQL 5.0.2. Its use requires the TRIGGER privilege for the table associated with the trigger.

Use IF EXISTS to prevent an error from occurring for a trigger that does not exist. A NOTE is generated for a nonexistent trigger when using IF EXISTS. See Section, “SHOW WARNINGS Syntax”.

Triggers for a table are also dropped if you drop the table.


When upgrading from a version of MySQL older than MySQL 5.0.10 to 5.0.10 or newer—including all MySQL 5.5 releases—you must drop all triggers before upgrading and re-create them afterward, or else DROP TRIGGER does not work after the upgrade.

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