Managing your DRBD Installation

For administration, the main command is drbdadm. There are a number of commands supported by this tool the control the connectivity and status of the DRBD devices.


For convenience, a bash completion script is available that provides tab completion for options to drbdadm. The file drbdadm.bash_completion can be found within the standard DRBD source package within the scripts directory. To enable, copy the file to /etc/bash_completion.d/drbdadm. You can load it manually by using:

shell> source /etc/bash_completion.d/drbdadm

The most common commands are those to set the primary/secondary status of the local device. You can manually set this information for a number of reasons, including when you want to check the physical status of the secondary device (since you cannot mount a DRBD device in primary mode), or when you are temporarily moving the responsibility of keeping the data in check to a different machine (for example, during an upgrade or physical move of the normal primary node). You can set state of all local device to be the primary using this command:

root-shell> drbdadm primary all

Or switch the local device to be the secondary using:

root-shell> drbdadm secondary all

To change only a single DRBD resource, specify the resource name instead of all.

You can temporarily disconnect the DRBD nodes:

root-shell> drbdadm disconnect all

Reconnect them using connect:

root-shell> drbdadm connect all

For other commands and help with drbdadm see the DRBD documentation.

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