15.11.1. Closing an Event

The creation of an event by an advisor rule signifies that an issue might require closer attention. Investigate the issue that triggered the event; rectify the issue or problem (or choose to ignore it); then close the event, when you are satisfied it does not have a significant impact on your servers.

Some of the advisors identify transient or temporary issues, such as a replication slave being unavailable. For these advisors, you can schedule events to automatically be closed when the event moves from notification status back to the Ok state.

You can configure auto-close functionality on all advisors through the Advisors tab when you schedule the advisor against one or more servers. When auto-close is enabled, the event remains open while the condition that triggered the event is still in effect. When the condition is no longer broken, the event is automatically closed with the configured auto-close test. You can still manually close such events before resolving the issue. For more information on scheduling rules, see Section 15.10.2, “Scheduling Rules”.

To close an individual alert, click the close link in the Operations/Notes column. Document the resolution using the Resolution Notes text area and choose the close button. During the closing operation, you can also reconfigure the rule scheduling that triggered this event, and the auto-close settings. For more information on configuring rule scheduling and auto closing, see Section 15.10.2, “Scheduling Rules”.

To close a number of alerts simultaneously, select the checkbox beside each alert to close and click the close button.

When closing individual or multiple events, a notification window indicates what operations have been completed. The events remain in the displayed event list, but the close link is instead a link to the resolution notes. You can update the active list by clicking filter to re-filter the event display.

A historical list of all events, including closed events, is available by setting the Current Severity to Closed. The list shows all of the closed events for a given time range and the servers selected in the server tree.

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