15.8.7. Product Information

Use the Product Information link to view detailed information about the product status.

  • Enterprise Dashboard Server Info

    The Enterprise Dashboard Server Info section provides detailed information about the running of your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, including information about the Java environment, hostname and version information.

    The section also includes detailed information about the current status of your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager, showing information on the agents, rules, and outstanding status of the various components. The information provided in this section is listed below:

    • Pending Heartbeats

    • Processed Heartbeats

    • Pending Jobs

    • Number of Agents

    • Monitored mysqld Instances

    • Build Version

    • Advisor Version

    • Number of Rules

    • Number of Graphs

    • Last Successful Email

    • Last Email Failure

    • Last Failure Message

    You can monitor the status of the email messages sent by MySQL Enterprise Service Manager by looking at the values of the Last Successful Email and Last Email Failure sections. Any failure by MySQL Enterprise Service Manager to send an email is reported, with the failure date recorded in Last Email Failure. You can examine the Last Failure Message field to determine the precise reason for the failure.

  • Readme

    The Readme section contains a copy of the text Readme file provided with each release, and provides release specific information about your MySQL Enterprise Service Manager installation.

  • Diagnostic Report

    The Diagnostic Report section includes a hyperlink, Download diagnostic report. The Zip file contains a variety of information and log files which can be used by support to determine and diagnose some problems with your MySQL Enterprise Monitor installation. The file is named according to your license number and the current date/time, for example support-1234-6578-20100331T1026.zip. The file includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

    • Replication 1.dot: The calculated MySQL server replication structure.

    • catalina.out: The Tomcat log file.

    • java-threads.dot: A list of the current Java threads and the dependencies.

    • java.props: The current Java configuration properties.

    • java.threads: A list of the current Java threads and their backtrace.

    • mysql-monitor.log: The MySQL log file.

    • preferences.properties: The MySQL Enterprise Monitor preferences.

    • query.instanceOverview.html: An HTML list of the current query analyzer data.

    • root.csv: A copy of your main MySQL Enterprise Monitor log file.

    • server.props: A copy of your server properties.

    This report is especially useful for debugging the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager and the MySQL Enterprise Agent.

    When you select the report, a new page opens showing the report generation status. A message is provided once the generation has completed.

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