D.7.8. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.4 (28 January 2007)

Bugs fixed:

  • Allow multiple calls to start server from URL connection on non-3306 port. (Bug#24004)

  • Updated build.xml to build to handle with different gpl and commercial mysld version numbers.

  • Only populate the options map from the help text if specifically requested or in the MBean case.

  • Introduced property for Linux & WinXX to default to 32bit versions.

  • Swapped out gpl binaries for v5.0.27.

  • Swapped out commercial binaries for v5.0.32.

  • Moved mysqld binary resourced into separate jar file NOTICE: CLASSPATH will now need to connector-mxj-db-files.jar.

  • Minor test robustness improvements.

  • Moved default version string out of java class into a text editable properties file (connector-mxj.properties) in the resources directory.

  • Fixed test to be tollerant of /tmp being a symlink to /foo/tmp.

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