D.7.7. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.5 (14 March 2007)

Bugs fixed:

  • Moved MysqldFactory to main package.

  • Reformatting: Added newlines some files which did not end in them.

  • Swapped out commercial binaries for v5.0.36.

  • Found and removed dynamic linking in mysql_kill; updated solution.

  • Changed protected constructor of SimpleMysqldDynamicMBean from taking a MysqldResource to taking a MysqldFactory, to lay groundwork for addressing BUG discovered by Andrew Rubinger. See: MySQL Forums (Actual testing with JBoss, and filing a bug, is still required.)

  • build.xml: usage now slightly more verbose; some reformatting.

  • Now incoporates Reggie Bernett's SafeTerminateProcess and only calls the unsafe TerminateProcess as a final last resort.

  • New windows kill.exe fixes a bug where mysqld was being force terminated. Issue reported by bruno haleblian and others, see: MySQL Forums.

  • Replaced Boolean.parseBoolean with JDK 1.4 compliant valueOf.

  • Changed connector-mxj.properties default mysql version to 5.0.37.

  • In testing so far mysqld reliably shuts down cleanly much faster.

  • Added testcase to com.mysql.management.jmx.AcceptanceTest which demonstrats that dataDir is a mutable MBean property.

  • Updated build.xml in prep for next release.

  • Changed SimpleMysqldDynamicMBean to create MysqldResource on demand to enable setting of datadir. (Rubinger bug groundwork).

  • Clarified the synchronization of MysqldResource methods.

  • SIGHUP is replaced with MySQLShutdown<PID> event.

  • Clarified the immutability of baseDir, dataDir, pidFile, portFile.

  • Added 5.1.15 binaries to the repository.

  • Removed 5.1.14 binaries from the repository.

  • Added getDataDir() to interface MysqldResourceI.

  • Added 5.1.14 binaries to repository.

  • Replaced windows kill.exe resource with re-written version specific to mysqld.

  • Added Patched StandardSocketFactory from Connector/J 5-0 HEAD.

  • Ensured 5.1.14 compatibility.

  • Swapped out gpl binaries for v5.0.37.

  • Removed 5.0.22 binaries from the repository.

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