D.7.5. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.7 (27 May 2007)

Functionality added or changed:

  • Updated the jar filename to be consistent with the Connector/J jar filename. Files are now formatted as mysql-connector-mxj-mxj-version.

  • The ConnectorMXJUrlTestExample and ConnectorMXJObjectTestExammple have been updated to include an example of initializing the user/password and creating an initial database. The InitializePasswordExample example class has now been removed.

  • The PatchedStandardSocketFactory class has been removed, because it fixed an issue in Connector/J that was corrected in Connector/J 5.0.6.

  • The embedded MySQL binaries have been updated to MySQL 5.0.41 for GPL releases and MySQL 5.0.42 for Commercial releases.

Bugs fixed:

  • Added a null-check to deal with class loaders where getClassLoader() returns null.

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