D.7.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.6 (04 May 2007)

Functionality added or changed:

  • Updated internal jar file names to include version information and be more consistent with Connector/J jar naming. For example, connector-mxj.jar is now mysql-connector-mxj-${mxj-version}.jar.

  • Updated commercial license files.

  • Added copyright notices to some classes which were missing them.

  • Added InitializeUser and QueryUtil classes to support new feature.

  • Added new tests for initial-user & expanded some existing tests.

  • ConnectorMXJUrlTestExample and ConnectorMXJObjectTestExample now demonstrate the initialization of user/password and creating the initial database (rather than using "test").

  • Added new connection property initialize-user which, if set to true will remove the default, un-passworded anonymous and root users, and create the user/password from the connection url.

  • Removed obsolete field SimpleMysqldDynamicMBean.lastInvocation.

  • Clarified code in DefaultsMap.entrySet().

  • Removed obsolete PatchedStandardSocketFactory java file.

  • Added main(String[]) to com/mysql/management/AllTestsSuite.java.

  • Errors reading portFile are now reported using stacktrace(err), previously System.err was used.

  • portFile now contains a new-line to be consistent with pidFile.

  • Fixed where versionString.trim() was ignored.

  • Removed references to File.deleteOnExit, a warning is printed instead.

Bugs fixed:

  • Changed tests to shutdown mysqld prior to deleting files.

  • Fixed port file to always be written to datadir.

  • Added os.name-os.arch to resource directory mapping properties file.

  • Swapped out commercial binaries for v5.0.40.

  • Delete portFile on shutdown.

  • Moved platform-map.properties into db-files.jar.

  • Clarified the startup max wait numbers.

  • Updated build.xml in preperation for next beta build.

  • Removed use-default-architecture property replaced.

  • Added null-check to deal with C/MXJ being loaded by the bootstrap classloaders with JVMs for which getClassLoader() returns null.

  • Added robustness around reading portfile.

  • Removed PatchedStandardSocketFactory (fixed in Connetor/J 5.0.6).

  • Refactored duplication from tests and examples to QueryUtil.

  • Removed obsolete InitializePasswordExample

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