21.7.3. Performance Schema History Tables

This group contains tables with names that match the pattern '%history' or '%history_long':

    -> WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = 'performance_schema'
    -> AND (TABLE_NAME LIKE '%history' OR TABLE_NAME LIKE '%history_long');
| TABLE_NAME                |
| events_waits_history      |
| events_waits_history_long |

The history tables, events_waits_history and events_waits_history_long, contain the most recent 10 events per thread and most recent 10,000 events, respectively. As new events are added to a history table, older events are discarded if the table is full. Events are not added to the history tables until they have ended.

Event history tables can be truncated with TRUNCATE TABLE.

The history tables have the same structure as events_waits_current. See Section 21.7.2, “Performance Schema Events (Current) Table”.

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