Creating Images

Images only exist on the EER Diagram canvas; you can only add them from the EER Diagram window. Adding Images to an EER Diagram

Images can be added to an EER Diagram using the Image tool on the vertical toolbar. To add an image make sure that the EER Diagram tab is selected, and right-click the image icon on the vertical toolbar. The image icon is the icon just above the table icon.

Clicking the mouse on this icon changes the mouse pointer to an image pointer. You can also change the mouse pointer to an image pointer by pressing the I key.

Create a image by clicking anywhere on the EER Diagram canvas. This opens a file open dialog box. Select the desired image, and close the dialog box to create an image on the canvas. To revert to the default mouse pointer, click the arrow icon at the top of the vertical toolbar.

Right-clicking this object opens a pop-up menu with the following options:

  • Cut 'Image'

  • Copy 'Image'

  • Edit Image ...

  • Edit in New Window ...

  • Delete 'Image'

These menu options function in exactly the same way as they do for other objects on an EER diagram. However, images are not database objects so there is no confirmation dialog box when they are deleted. The Image Editor

You can invoke the image editor by double-clicking a image object on an EER Diagram canvas. Doing this opens the image editor docked at the bottom of the application. Double-clicking the image editor tab undocks the editor. Double-click the title bar to redock it. Any number of images may be open at the same time. Each additional image appears as a tab at the top of the image editor, The Image Tab

From the Image tab of the image editor you can perform the following tasks:

  • Rename the image using the Name text box.

  • Browse for an image using the Browse button.

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