The Globals, Classes, and Modules Tabs

The Workbench Scripting Shell features the Globals, Classes and Modules tabs, in addition to the main Shell tab.

The Globals Tab

At the top of the window is a drop down list box that is used to select the starting point, or root, of the GRT Globals tree displayed beneath it. By default this starting point is the root of the tree, that is, '/'. The GRT Globals tree can be expanded and collapsed as required. The GRT Globals tree is the structure in which MySQL Workbench stores document data. Clicking any item will result in its name and value being displayed in the panel below the tree.

The Classes Tab

A class is a user-defined data type formed by combining primitive data types: integers, doubles, strings, dicts, lists, and objects. This tab shows the definitions of the classes used by the objects in the Modules tab. Clicking a class causes a brief description of the class to be displayed in a panel below the classes explorer.

When the Classes tab is selected, the dropdown listbox lists the following items:

  • Group by Name: Group by the object name

  • Group by Hierarchy: Group by inheritance

  • Group by Package: Group by functionality

The default view for this tab is Group By Name. This view simply shows all the different objects arranged alphabetically. Click the + icon or double-click a package to show the properties of the struct.

If you switch to the hierarchical view you will see GrtObject: the parent object from which all other objects are derived.

The Modules Tab

The Modules tab enables you to browse the MySQL Workbench installed modules and their functions. Clicking a module within the explorer causes its details to be displayed in a panel below the explorer. This facility is useful for exploring the available modules, and their supported functions. It is also a way to check if custom modules have been correctly installed.

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