The Shell Window

The Workbench Scripting Shell is primarily used for running Lua or Python scripts or typing commands in these languages directly. However, you can also use it to access the Workbench Scripting Shell Scripting Library functions and global functions and objects. To see the available commands type “?”. You can also cut and paste text to and from the shell window.

While individual commands can be entered into the shell, it is also possible to run a longer script, stored in an external file, using the main menu option Scripting, Run Workbench Script File. When scripts are run outside of the shell, to see the output use the main menu item View, Output.

It is also possible to run script files directly from the shell. For details on running script files, type ? run at the Workbench Scripting Shell prompt. The following message is displayed:

  Shell Command - shell.run
  Load and execute a lua script file.
  run filename
  filename       File that should be loaded and executed.
  run scripts/test.lua
  Runs the script scripts/test.lua.

Within the Workbench Scripting Shell, on the left side panel, are three tabs: Globals, Classes, and Modules. Discussion of these additional tabs follows.

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