16.7. Server Administration

Since version 5.2.6 MySQL Workbench has included functionality for managing server instances. A server instance is created to provide a way of connecting to a server to be managed. The first step then is to create a server instance if none exists, or to work with an existing server instance.

MySQL Workbench also provides functionality to administer and configure a server using these server instances. Thus, the Server Administrator functionality can be broadly grouped into two main areas:

  1. Creating and managing server instances

  2. Administration and configuration functions using a server instance

In the Workspace section of the Home screen is an area for Server Administration tasks. This section of the Workspace has the following action items:

  1. Server Administration

  2. Server Administration (icon)

  3. New Server Instance

  4. Manage Data Import/Export

  5. Manage Security

  6. Manage Server Instances

Each of these action items is described in the following sections.

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