16.7.7. Server Administration and Configuration

The functionality included in MySQL Workbench for administering servers is similar to that formerly provided by MySQL Administrator. The Administrator functionality in MySQL Workbench is grouped into several tabs:

  • Startup: Enables you to start and stop the MySQL server, and view the startup message log.

  • Configuration: Enables you to view and edit the MySQL Configuration file (my.ini) using GUI controls.

  • Accounts: Enables you to create user accounts and assign roles and privileges.

  • Connections: Displays connections to MySQL Server.

  • Variables: Displays server and status variables.

  • Data Dump: Import and export of data.

  • Logs: Displays server log file entries.

The Administrator also displays system and server status. System status displayed includes:

  • CPU utilization

  • Memory usage

  • Connection Health

For server health the following are displayed:

  • Connection Usage

  • Traffic

  • Query Cache Hit Rate

  • Key Efficiency

Figure 16.85. MySQL Workbench - Admin page

MySQL Workbench - Admin page
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