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When a SQL Editor tab is selected the most important item on the main menu bar is Query. The Query item features the following menu items:

  • Execute (All or Selection): Causes all statements in the SQL Query area to be executed, or only the statements selected.

  • Execute Current Statement: Causes the current SQL statement to be executed.

  • Explain (All or Selection): Describes all statements, or the selected statement.

  • Explain Current Statement: Describes the current statement.

  • Stop: Stop execution of the currently running script.

  • Reconnect to Server: Reconnect to the MySQL server.

  • New Tab: Creates a duplicate of the current SQL Editor tab.

  • Commit Transaction: Commits a database transaction.

  • Rollback Transaction: Rolls back a database transaction.

  • Refresh: Synchronizes with the live server and refreshes views such as the live Overview tabsheet.

  • Commit Result Edits: Commits any changes you have made to the server.

  • Discard Result Edits: Discards any changes you have made.

  • Export Results: This enables you to export result sets to a file. Selecting this option displays the Export Query Results to File dialog. The dialog enables you to select which result set you wish to export, the file format (CSV, HTML, XML) and the name and location of the output file. Then click Export to export the data.

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