The HttpRequest

Class synopsis

HttpRequest {
public bool addCookies ( array $cookies )
public bool addHeaders ( array $headers )
public bool addPostFields ( array $post_data )
public bool addPostFile ( string $name , string $file [, string $content_type = "application/x-octetstream" ] )
public bool addPutData ( string $put_data )
public bool addQueryData ( array $query_params )
public bool addRawPostData ( string $raw_post_data )
public bool addSslOptions ( array $options )
public void clearHistory ( void )
public void __construct ([ string $url [, int $request_method = HTTP_METH_GET [, array $options ]]] )
public bool enableCookies ( void )
public string getContentType ( void )
public array getCookies ( void )
public array getHeaders ( void )
public HttpMessage getHistory ( void )
public int getMethod ( void )
public array getOptions ( void )
public array getPostFields ( void )
public array getPostFiles ( void )
public string getPutData ( void )
public string getPutFile ( void )
public string getQueryData ( void )
public string getRawPostData ( void )
public string getRawRequestMessage ( void )
public string getRawResponseMessage ( void )
public HttpMessage getRequestMessage ( void )
public string getResponseBody ( void )
public int getResponseCode ( void )
public array getResponseCookies ([ int $flags [, array $allowed_extras ]] )
public array getResponseData ( void )
public mixed getResponseHeader ([ string $name ] )
public mixed getResponseInfo ([ string $name ] )
public HttpMessage getResponseMessage ( void )
public string getResponseStatus ( void )
public array getSslOptions ( void )
public string getUrl ( void )
public bool resetCookies ([ bool $session_only = false ] )
public HttpMessage send ( void )
public bool setContentType ( string $content_type )
public bool setCookies ([ array $cookies ] )
public bool setHeaders ([ array $headers ] )
public bool setMethod ( int $request_method )
public bool setOptions ([ array $options ] )
public bool setPostFields ( array $post_data )
public bool setPostFiles ( array $post_files )
public bool setPutData ([ string $put_data ] )
public bool setPutFile ([ string $file ] )
public bool setQueryData ( mixed $query_data )
public bool setRawPostData ([ string $raw_post_data ] )
public bool setSslOptions ([ array $options ] )
public bool setUrl ( string $url )

Class Members


Instance Properties
Modifiers Type Name Description
protected array options request options to configure the request; see request options
protected array postFields form data:
array("fieldname" => "fieldvalue")
protected array postFiles files to upload:
array(array("name" => "image", "file" => "/home/u/images/u.png", "type" => "image/png"))
protected array responseInfo information (statistical) about the request/response; see Request/response information
protected HttpMessage responseMessage the response message
protected integer responseCode the numerical response code
protected string responseStatus the literal response status text
protected integer method the request method to use
protected string url the request url
protected string contentType the content type to use for raw post requests
protected string rawPostData raw post data
protected string queryData query parameters
protected string putFile the file to upload with a PUT request
protected string putData raw data to upload with a PUT request
protected HttpMessage history the whole request/response history if history logging is enabled
public boolean recordHistory whether to enable history logging

Predefined Constants

Type Name Description
integer METH_GET GET request method
integer METH_HEAD HEAD request method
integer METH_POST POST request method
integer METH_PUT PUT request method
integer METH_DELETE DELETE request method
integer METH_OPTIONS OPTIONS request method
integer METH_TRACE TRACE request method
integer METH_CONNECT CONNECT request method
integer METH_PROPFIND PROPFIND request method
integer METH_PROPPATCH PROPPATCH request method
integer METH_MKCOL MKCOL request method
integer METH_COPY COPY request method
integer METH_MOVE MOVE request method
integer METH_LOCK LOCK request method
integer METH_UNLOCK UNLOCK request method
integer METH_REPORT REPORT request method
integer METH_CHECKOUT CHECKOUT request method
integer METH_CHECKIN CHECKIN request method
integer METH_UNCHECKOUT UNCHECKOUT request method
integer METH_UPDATE UPDATE request method
integer METH_LABEL LABEL request method
integer METH_MERGE MERGE request method
integer METH_MKACTIVITY MKACTIVITY request method
integer METH_ACL ACL request method
integer VERSION_1_0 HTTP protocol version 1.0
integer VERSION_1_1 HTTP protocol version 1.1
integer VERSION_ANY any HTTP protocol version
integer AUTH_BASIC basic authentication
integer AUTH_DIGEST digest authentication
integer AUTH_NTLM NTLM authentication
integer AUTH_GSSNEG GSS negotiate authentication
integer AUTH_ANY any authentication
integer PROXY_SOCKS4 SOCKS v4 proxy
integer PROXY_SOCKS5 SOCKS v5 proxy
integer PROXY_HTTP HTTP proxy
integer SSL_VERSION_TLSv1 use TLS v1
integer SSL_VERSION_SSLv2 use SSL v2
integer SSL_VERSION_SSLv3 use SSL v3
integer SSL_VERSION_ANY use any SSL/TLS method
integer IPRESOLVE_V4 resolve via IPv4 only
integer IPRESOLVE_V6 resolve via IPv6 only
integer IPRESOLVE_ANY use any resolving methods

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