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Imagick::sparseColorImageInterpolates colors


public boolean Imagick::sparseColorImage ( int $SPARSE_METHOD , array $arguments [, int $channel = Imagick::CHANNEL_DEFAULT ] )

Given the arguments array containing numeric values this method interpolates the colors found at those coordinates across the whole image using sparse_method. This method is available if Imagick has been compiled against ImageMagick version 6.4.5 or newer.



Refer to this list of sparse method constants


An array containing the coordinates. The array is in format array(1,1, 2,45)


Provide any channel constant that is valid for your channel mode. To apply to more than one channel, combine channel constants using bitwise operators. Defaults to Imagick::CHANNEL_DEFAULT. Refer to this list of channel constants

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success.


Throws ImagickException on error.

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