22.4.1. Connector/MXJ Overview

Connector/MXJ consists of a Java class, a copy of the mysqld binary for a specific list of platforms, and associated files and support utilities. The Java class controls the initialization of an instance of the embedded mysqld binary, and the ongoing management of the mysqld process. The entire sequence and management can be controlled entirely from within Java using the Connector/MXJ Java classes. You can see an overview of the contents of the Connector/MXJ package in the figure below.

Connector/MXJ Overview

It is important to note that Connector/MXJ is not an embedded version of MySQL, or a version of MySQL written as part of a Java class. Connector/MXJ works through the use of an embedded, compiled binary of mysqld as would normally be used when deploying a standard MySQL installation.

It is the Connector/MXJ wrapper, support classes and tools, that enable Connector/MXJ to appear as a MySQL instance.

When Connector/MXJ is initialized, the corresponding mysqld binary for the current platform is extracted, along with a pre-configured data directed. Both are contained within the Connector/MXJ JAR file. The mysqld instance is then started, with any additional options as specified during the initialization, and the MySQL database becomes accessible.

Because Connector/MXJ works in combination with Connector/J, you can access and integrate with the MySQL instance through a JDBC connection. When you have finished with the server, the instance is terminated, and, by default, any data created during the session is retained within the temporary directory created when the instance was started.

Connector/MXJ and the embedded mysqld instance can be deployed in a number of environments where relying on an existing database, or installing a MySQL instance would be impossible, including CD-ROM embedded database applications and temporary database requirements within a Java-based application environment.

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