22.4.2. Connector/MXJ Versions

Connector/MXJ 5.x, currently in beta status, includes mysqld version 5.x and includes binaries for Linux x86, Mac OS X PPC, Windows XP/NT/2000 x86 and Solaris SPARC. Connector/MXJ 5.x requires the Connector/J 5.x package.

A summary of the different MySQL versions supplied with each Connector/MXJ release are shown in the table.

Connector/MXJ VersionMySQL Version(s) (CS), 5.0.54 (ES) (CS), 5.0.46 (ES) (CS), 5.0.42 (ES) (CS), 5.0.40 (ES) (CS), 5.0.36 (ES) (CS), 5.0.32 (ES)

This guide provides information on the Connector/MXJ 5.x release. For information on using the older releases, please see the documentation included with the appropriate distribution.

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