22.4. MySQL Connector/MXJ

MySQL Connector/MXJ is a Java Utility package for deploying and managing a MySQL database. Deploying and using MySQL can be as easy as adding another parameter to the JDBC connection url, which will result in the database being started when the first connection is made. This makes it easy for Java developers to deploy applications which require a database by reducing installation barriers for their end-users.

MySQL Connector/MXJ makes the MySQL database appear to be a java-based component. It does this by determining what platform the system is running on, selecting the appropriate binary, and launching the executable. It will also optionally deploy an initial database, with any specified parameters.

Included are instructions for use with a JDBC driver and deploying as a JMX MBean to JBoss.

You can download sources and binaries from: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/mxj/

This a beta release and feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Please send questions or comments to the MySQL and Java mailing list.

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