D.4.8.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.6 (12 May 2008)

Bugs fixed:

  • When creating a connection pool, specifying an invalid IP address will cause the entire application to crash, instead of providing an exception. (Bug#36432)

  • An incorrect value for a bit field would returned in a multi-row query if a preceding value for the field returned NULL. (Bug#36313)

  • The MembershipProvider will raise an exception when the connection string is configured with enablePasswordRetrival = true and RequireQuestionAndAnswer = false. (Bug#36159)

  • When calling GetNumberOfUsersOnline an exception is raised on the submitted query due to a missing parameter. (Bug#36157)

  • Tables with GEOMETRY field types would return an unknown data type exception. (Bug#36081)

  • When creating a connection, setting the ConnectionString property of MySqlConnection to NULL would throw an exception. (Bug#35619)

  • The DbCommandBuilder.QuoteIdentifer method was not implemented. (Bug#35492)

  • When using SqlDataSource to open a connection, the connection would not automatically be closed when access had completed. (Bug#34460)

  • Attempting to use an isolation level other than the default with a transaction scope would use the default isolation level. (Bug#34448)

  • When altering a stored procedure within Visual Studio, the parameters to the procedure could be lost. (Bug#34359)

  • A race condition could occur within the procedure cache resulting the cache contents overflowing beyond the configured cache size. (Bug#34338)

  • Using the TableAdaptor wizard in combination with a suitable SELECT statement, only the associated INSERT statement would also be created, rather than the required DELETE and UPDATE statements. (Bug#31338)

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