memcached Size Statistics

To get size statistics, use the stats sizes command, or the API equivalent.

The size statistics provide information about the sizes and number of items of each size within the cache. The information is returned as two columns, the first column is the size of the item (rounded up to the nearest 32 byte boundary), and the second column is the count of the number of items of that size within the cache:

96 35
128 38
160 807
192 804
224 410
256 222
288 83
320 39
352 53
384 33
416 64
448 51
480 30
512 54
544 39
576 10065

Running this statistic locks up your cache as each item is read from the cache and its size calculated. On a large cache, this may take some time and prevent any set or get operations until the process completes.

The item size statistics are useful only to determine the sizes of the objects you are storing. Since the actual memory allocation is relevant only in terms of the chunk size and page size, the information is only useful during a careful debugging or diagnostic session.

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