15.2. MySQL Enterprise Dashboard

The MySQL Enterprise Dashboard is a web-based interface to the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager. MySQL Enterprise Dashboard provides a quick overview of the current status of your server, and lets you drill down into the current status, events, and historical information submitted by each MySQL Enterprise Agent.

The main features of the MySQL Enterprise Dashboard include:

  • A single page, Monitor, that gives an overview of the current health and status of all your servers, an overview of any events that are triggered, a heat chart for critical status information, and a customizable set of graphs.

  • The Heat Chart table shows the current status of all your servers, using icons to highlight important issues. A heat chart is included on the main Monitor tab, and you can also keep a standalone Heat Chart open on your desktop to monitor your server states.

  • The Advisors tab lets you create, edit, control, install, and schedule advisors within the system.

  • The Query Analyzer helps you identify problem queries.

  • The Replication view monitors the structure and health of your replication environment.

  • The Settings tab lets you set the parameters for the server, including setting notification lists, configuring SNMP, and setting the intervals for removing old data.

  • The What's New? tab gives a live connection to the My Oracle Support and MySQL Enterprise web sites, with news about the latest releases, critical fixes and patches, and any current support issues.

For a more detailed overview of MySQL Enterprise Dashboard, see Section 15.7, “MySQL Enterprise Dashboard”.

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